Kunquad combines more than 30 years of high quality furniture manufacturing with a young and brilliant professional team.
Kunquad constantly evaluates the needs, expectations and wishes of our customers, and for this, Kunquad is the first option for those looking for an innovative and contemporary design, a high product quality and an outstanding service, all together at a reasonable cost.
To ensure the delivery of the maximum quality in each product, Kunquad takes care of all the manufacturing process, from the birth of a brilliant idea to the delivery of the final piece.

Fabrica Fabrica Fabrica

The collection

Kunquad’s collection reflects the visionary, innovative and creative spirit of the human team that brings it to life.
Kunquad presents a contemporary collection, thought to bring a sparkling and practical approach to everyday’s life.


Kunquad is led by a great team of professionals, where the designers’ team stands out. They are in charge of turning our customer’s wishes into reality and at the same time anticipate to their needs. We also count with the inestimable contribution of our upholsters, who can turn a brilliant idea into a fascinating reality. ¿Who turns up the system? Our management team, in charge of making all the pieces work together smoothly, and of course, our sales executives, who you may contact from anywhere around the globe to make your wish.

Work with us

Kunquad is a young and international company, continuously growing. If you are dynamic, creative and resolute, and if you’d like to join our team, contact us!


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